Hidden Valley's Extendend Stay RV Park

Looking to be an HVO Regular?

With our extendend stay RV park, you now of the option of leaving your RV month in and month out to get to HVO any time of the year.

What makes the RV Park standout?

No Hassle Monthly rentals mean you don't have to trailer your RV back and forth to visit HVO.
Shower House Shower house and indoor bathroom for our extended stay guests. (Also doubles as a storm shelter)
Electric You have a dedicated electric line from Laclede Electric. You have your own account with them. No more "averaging" the cost of electricity across the park.
Conveniences Full access to all the amenities of Hidden Valley Outfitters including our private mile and a half of Niangua River frontage with trout fishing year round!

Extended Stay RV Park Photos